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Endometriosis | Treatments

The Surgical appearance of endometriosis

Bullet Confirmed by photographs and usually histology
Bullet The lesions or plaques seen in photographs often penetrate deeply, with occasional involvement of vital non gynaecological organs (ureter, rectum,
colon, appendix and rarely diaphragm)

Surgical removal of endometriosis for Chronic Pelvic Pain:
Bullet Complete removal of endometriotic deposits reduces presentation of
symptoms by more than 85%
Bullet Less than 20% of patients with advanced endometriosis will re-present with recurrence, particularly if the first surgery was by excision (as opposed to laser/heat-coagulation)
Bullet Successful results depend upon surgical skill, complete exeresis (excision) of
all lesions, and on occasion, the removal of a portion of major organs (bowel, bladder, vagina) in patients with Deeply Infiltrating Endometriosis (DIE)
- undertaken only with consent, at a second planned operation

Surgical removal of endometriosis in patients with reduced fertility:
Bullet Removal of an Endometrioma (chocolate cyst) by resecting the cyst-wall produces higher pregnancy rate, reduced risk of adhesions, especially if often present adhesions are completely removed
Bullet Restores the anatomy, and improves egg (oocyte) release, enhancing ovum pick-up by the tube
Bullet Reduces the volume of inflammatory tissue deposits which reduces the
toxicity to the gametes (eggs, sperm) and enhances the receptivity of the endometrial lining to improve implantation
Bullet Patients with mild endometriosis, expertly treated, have an improved pregnancy rate at 9 months post surgery (37.5% vs 22.5% ENDOCAN trial)
Bullet More than 50% of patients obtain pregnancy following removal (by excision)
of all endometriotic implants

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Having excised the Pelvic Wall nodule
Healed POD after excision of Grade IV Endometriosis


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