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Fibroids | Treatments

Medical treatments for Fibroids

Bullet Zoladex or similar GnRh analogues do shrink fibroids, and enhance surgical removal
Bullet Progesterone blockers (eg Mifepristone) have been proven successful in the short term internationally
Bullet UAE (embolisation) has limited use in Australia. Used extensively by NHS (UK) as cost-effective option

Surgery for Fibroids

Bullet Preservation of fertility - resection of submucosal fibroids is of proven benefit
Bullet Relief of Pelvic /Bladder pressure - myomectomy (when preservation of your uterus is paramount), or Hysterectomy (with preservation of normal ovaries, hormones) when your family is complete

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Large fibroid in the back wall of the uterus.
Large Vascular Fibroid


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